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New Resident Move In Tips

How To Make The Transition Easier

  • Advise Management Office – 416-443-0795 – as soon as you know your proposed move-in date and time.  We will arrange to have the elevator put on service and the moving door opened for you.
  • Book your moving company or truck rental well in advance of your moving date.
  • Telephone Bell Canada – 416.310.2355 or through the web at to set up your new telephone number.
    Once you have been given your new telephone number and a connection date, please call the Management Office at 416.443.0795 and let us know the details so that we can input your new number in the intercom.  If you are not using a land line, we can input your cell number.
  • Telephone Rogers Cable – 1.888.764.3771 or through the web at e-mail [email protected] to organize hookup for your cable service.
  • Telephone Toronto Hydro Electric System – 416.542.8000 or through the web to set up your account.
  • Fill out a Change of Address Notification Form at your local Post Office or through the web at  For a charge of approximately $52.00 your addressed mail will be forwarded to your new home for six months.  The nearest postal outlet to your new home in Carolyn Court is located in the Shopper’s Drug Mart Store in the Donway Plaza – Telephone 416.444.4445.

Moving Day Stress Relief Guide

On Arrival

Call the Management Office at 416.443.0795 or the Superintendent at 416.880.9167.  We will ensure that the elevator has been put on service and that the moving door has been opened for you.

Things to Keep Handy

  • Floor plan of your new home
  • Packing list to verify everything has arrived
  • Keys and directions to your new home
  • Payment for the movers in the correct form

Bathroom Needs

  • Towels, soap, toilet paper

Kitchen Needs

  • Paper towels, sponges, cups, plastic utensils, paper plates

Other items

  • Eye glasses, prescription drugs, address books, cheque books, telephone, clock, dishes, change of clothes

Other Tips

  • If you are using movers, check for any damage and report it immediately
  • Have your cable hook-up scheduled for the day you move in
  • Go for a drive, walk or bicycle ride to learn your way around and meet your new neighbours
  • Look in the mail for the official Change of Address Confirmation Letter from your local post office

Moving Companies & Truck Rentals:

  • U-Haul – Telephone – 1-800-GO-UHAUL (1-800-468-4285) or through the web at