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New Look!

A new look! Now you can gain entry through the front or the rear door of 1122 Don Mills Road with your present lobby key (the same as 980 Lawrence Avenue East.)

All furniture in 980 Lawrence Avenue East has been recovered to match closely with 1122 Don Mills Road. A new wrought iron coffee table has been installed at 1122 Don Mills Road and 980 Lawrence Avenue East.

New surface mounted CCTV cameras have been installed in the lobbies and the laundry rooms. Now you can see who is in the lobby and if the laundry room is free!

We will be installing in each suite a shower massage head and aerators for the kitchen and bathrooms.

Cleaning and re-lamping of all hallway and ceiling mounted fixtures has been completed.

It is now time to check your smoke detectors and window locks. Batteries for smoke detectors are supplied free of charge. Please advise our Maintenance Technician and we will do a test and battery replacement for you.

The superintendent and cleaning staff now have uniforms.

Need to wash your car? We now have available a hose on a reel for our residents’ use. We also have available, for all residents, a vacuum cleaner complete with car attachments, available on a sign out basis.

A landscape project is in the planning stage, including new outdoor lighting.  We have retained the services of a landscape architect and look forward to letting contacts for new landscape work later in the year. In addition, the parking lot area will be relined.